Things are getting bad again


I know things are getting bad in my headspace again.

There is the forgetting to take my meds. There is the not showering or eating. There is the putting off assignments until they are well over due.

There is the fact that I’m blogging.

Major depressive episodes are really not fun. I’ve had them for over 18 years now – which is kind of insane (ha!) given that I’m only 26. I can pick the signs, but never early enough to actually do something. And I know they often happen around this time of year, but I never do anything to safeguard.

So now, of course, my anxiety is reaching it’s peak. The 10mg of Lexapro I’m on a day – if I take it – is barely touching the sides. Exams. Assessments. New Job. My Mother.

One foot in front of the other.